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Spring 2017 British and Irish Scholarships Info Session


The Marshall Scholarship Program provides the opportunity for graduate study in the U.K. to 40 intellectually distinguished young Americans. The program was created to honor the ideals of the Marshall Plan, which aided the recovery of Europe after World War II.

Programs Funded

The Scholarship supports two years of graduate study in almost any field leading to one or two degrees at any UK institution of higher education. The Marshall Scholarship may no longer be used to complete a second undergraduate degree.  It is possible to pursue two different one-year master's degrees, not necessarily at the same university.  There are also opportunities for extension of the award in order to complete a PhD, which is often a 3-year program in the UK.  Applications for a one-year degree only are accepted under special circumstances. The award covers tuition and fees, airfare, living expenses, and related expenses.


Candidates must be U.S. citizens when they apply, and for fall 2017 application must either be current seniors or graduated from an accredited four-year college or university in the U.S. after April 2015. The minimum eligible undergraduate is GPA 3.7 (11.1); however, Marshall Scholars in recent years tend to have close-to-perfect GPAs.

Selection Criteria

The Marshall Commission seeks candidates of keen intellect and broad outlook. Selection committees look for distinction of intellect as evidenced both by scholastic attainments and by other achievements. Preference is given to candidates who combine high academic ability with a capacity to play an active part in the life of a UK university. Desire and potential to make a substantial contribution to U.S. society and to the U.S.-UK relationship is also important. Evaluators look for strong motivation and seriousness of purpose, including the presentation of a realistic academic program for which the applicant is prepared by previous academic work, and that is an ideal next step toward the applicant's future plans.

Application/Nomination Process

Prospective applicants interested in applying as seniors should contact the Faculty Advisor during spring of their junior year, in order to benefit from advising over the summer as first drafts of the preliminary application are due during the summer. Screening interviews are conducted in September to decide whether to endorse (=nominate) the applicant. There is no limit on the number of applicants Pomona may endorse. Candidates apply either in the region of their college or their legal residence.  In addition to transcripts and letters of recommendation, the application requires three essays: a personal statement, an academic plan, and a rationale for choosing the United Kingdom. Regional committees interview selected candidates in mid-November, and winners are announced soon thereafter.  The Marshall Commission helps Scholars apply for admission to their academic programs of choice. Use these resources to explore degree programs at universities in the UK. Recently graduated applicants may be endorsed by Pomona, or by an employer or another organization more familiar with the applicant's post-graduation professional activities.

Internal Application

Submit the internal application by September 1, 2017 over email to Complete the application at the Marshall Scholarship website, save your draft as a PDF, and email that draft to Alicia Frescas. Please also ask your reference writers to send their letters of recommendation directly to Alicia Frescas. The application and most supporting materials are submitted online; however, we prefer that after registering at the Marshall application site, applicants email us directly and not use the online system of submitting drafts until later in the process. Potential applicants are encouraged to look at other UK fellowships with similar requirements, and to discuss the potential for multiple applications with the Faculty Advisors or the Assistant Director of Fellowships.

Letters of Reference

Letters of reference are required. Learn more about Letters of reference.

Advisors 2017-2018: 

  • Jordan Kirk
  • Samuel Yamashita

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