Due Date

Rolling (Suggested local club deadline: by February 28)

Claremont Rotary Presentation


The Rotary Foundation aims to promote international understanding and help improve quality of life through funding fellowships that fund education and service in countries outside of the U.S. Global Grants Scholarships fund a year of study or research abroad (applicants must work toward a graduate degree) in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus (see below).

What It Funds

The Foundation offers several different scholarships, however our local area Rotary Clubs, through which Claremont Colleges students usually apply, sponsor only the Global Grants Scholarships. The award may be used in any country where Rotary Clubs are located (other than the U.S.) and provides $30,000 for tuition, fees, travel, and living expenses. Study must be in a field related to the fellow's long-term academic and professional plans. Candidates must specify the institution at which they plan to pursue their desired studies and gain acceptance to that institution by the final round of competition.

As part of their fellowship application, applicants must explain how their graduate program and career align with one of the Rotary's six areas of focus: peace and conflict prevention/resolution, disease prevention and treatment, water and sanitation, maternal and child health, basic education and literacy, economic and community development.


Preference is given to U.S. citizens or permanent residents. International students may apply, but must explain how they will maintain a lifetime commitment to Rotary. Students apply during their senior year, or as alumni. There are no age limits for application. Children and grandchildren of Rotarians are not eligible to apply. 

All Claremont College seniors are eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria

  • Excellent leadership skills and potential
  •  A proven record of success in his or her academic field or vocation
  •  A commitment to community service 
  • Well-defined and realistic goals 
  • Concrete ideas for advancing within his or her chosen field 
  • Sincerity about maintaining a lifelong relationship with Rotary after the scholarship period

How to Apply

Email Karen Sapio from Claremont Rotary at karensapio@gmail.com and/or contact the Claremont Rotary Sunrise Club in order to initiate an application (both clubs can sponsor a student). Their Foundation Officers will be able to explain their preferred application processes (Karen Sapio, e.g., will email you an application template and set up a time to meet).


Claremont students with questions may email Karen Sapio from Rotary District 5300 at karensapio@gmail.com for more information.