Sponsor Position Description

Academic Year 2023-2024

Development & Trainings

Staff Development

Sponsors will be expected to participate in Residence Hall Staff Fall training beginning in mid-August. Failure to attend the Fall training can result in dismissal from the staff. Training will typically last from 8am-5pm and meals will be provided.

Sponsors will be expected to participate in on-going staff development and training including all RHS training and staff- related activities/requirements happening in Spring 2023 and Summer 2023 and continuing into the 2023-2024academic year.

In-Services for 2023-2024 are mandatory. Failure to attend a mandatory meeting can result in dismissal from the staff.

Essential Functions & Expectations

Move in & Orientation

Sponsors are to assist with the opening of south campus halls at the beginning of the Fall 2023 semester. This may include assisting students with moving in, directing traffic, or giving directions, among other tasks.

Sponsors may be tasked in getting sponsees to the required sessions during orientation.

Administrative Responsibilities

Sponsors are expected to check emails daily and respond with 24 business hours. All official emails will be sent to the @pomona.edu issued to them by the College.

Sponsors should inform their head sponsor and RLC should they need to be away from campus for a significant amount of time outside of regularly scheduled breaks.

Sponsors must uphold this agreement and the Sponsor Resource Binder, which may include a more complete listing of position duties and responsibilities. These documents may be revised from time to time and that any changes will be communicated appropriately. Other duties as assigned.

Community Building

Sponsors are responsible for facilitating an inclusive and healthy community along with their co-Sponsor(s), Head Sponsor, RA, and RLC. They are positive role models and mentors to Sponsees and other students as part of their first year/transfer transition to Pomona College.

Sponsors should be available and accessible to their Sponsor group on a consistent/regular basis.  Sponsors will make an active effort to assist fellow Sponsors and RAs if they need assistance with various community support. In addition, sponsors will actively participate with Sponsees during orientation activities.

Sponsors give highest priority to meeting and establishing a positive rapport with the residents in their area early in the semester and throughout the year as new residents move in. They will implement regular meeting times or activities (non-programing) with Sponsees.

Sponsors will set a positive tone for interaction, demonstrating responsibility and respect for others' rights, feelings, lifestyles, diverse backgrounds, and for personal and College property, promoting a welcome and just community at Pomona.

Sponsors will support RAs and utilize them as a resource meeting regularly with the RA to discuss building and maintaining community and incorporate the RA into Sponsee meetings and activities.

Housing Accommodations

Sponsors are not assigned rooms in residence halls. As such, Sponsors will be expected to participate in the Room Draw process. The Room Draw process is typically hosted in mid- April.


Sponsors will notify the RA regarding doors to the residence halls that remain unlocked and propped. They will report any malfunctioning locks, doors, windows, card readers, or other security equipment to Facilities. Sponsors should be especially aware of suspicious activities in the residence halls.

Confidentiality and Required

Reporting Sponsors are in a position to gain a great deal of sensitive and personal information. It is expected that this information will be treated in a professional and confidential manner. Any information that might affect the safety, security, and wellbeing of a student should be shared with their RLC and/or on-call staff immediately. Sponsors should not promise confidentiality to the students.

Performance Expectations


Sponsors are held to the standards outlined in the Code of Student Conduct in the Student Handbook and further standards outlined throughout the Sponsor Agreement. Non-compliance with requirements contained in this agreement and referenced documents may result in disciplinary action or termination. Sponsors must support the College and Residence Life policy. Placement on either academic or disciplinary probation by the College can affect position status.

Sponsors are a positive role model for other sponsors and Sponsees. They should understand and personally uphold all the policies of the College in the Residence Halls, including, but not limited to, the Noise Policy, Alcohol and Drug Policies (including the use of cannabis), sexual misconduct, unregistered parties, and policies designed to prevent damage to the residence halls. Sponsors may not offer or provide alcohol or drugs to Sponsees, first-years, transfers, or prospective students. Sponsors will respect and uphold the College’s official Substance Free Opening.

Sponsors are expected to represent the HRL department at all times. This includes their actions on and off campus and online social media.

Sponsors will follow the guidelines outlined within the manual provided by the Housing and Residence Life Office.


While Sponsors may have other commitments (e.g., holding a major office in an organization, internship, intercollegiate sports, on or off campus work, etc.) they must be actively present as a sponsor throughout the academic year.

Sponsors must be enrolled full-time student in good standing with the College.

Sponsors are expected to maintain a 2.5 GPA.

GOOD ACADEMIC AND CONDUCT STANDING IS REQUIRED DURING THE ENTIRE TERM OF APPOINTMENT and that being placed on academic or disciplinary probation may result in dismissal from the position.