Pomona College offers a variety of options for Room Draw:  Substance Free Housing, Oldenborg,  and Friendship Suites require an application.  Oldenborg holds a separate selection process; procedure, time and place to be announced.  Substance Free Housing and Friendship Suites are offered during Room Draw. Room selection for returning students is conducted in April each year for the fall semester. Each student is randomly assigned a computer generated lottery number to establish priority within their class. The lowest number has the highest priority. The actual room selection takes place after the numbers have been assigned. Based on their numbers, students will draw rooms or be placed on a deferred list. Students on the deferred list will be assigned housing in mid August.

The information listed below is for the Spring 2018 room draw process. Dates and information for the Spring 2019 room draw process will be posted mid- to late March 2019. 

When and Where (Spring 2018 dates)

Date Where
March 9 Oldenborg Applications Due in Oldenborg Center 
March 19 Substance Free Applications Available from the Office of Housing and Residence Life
March 19 Friendship Suite Applications Available in the Office of Housing and Residence Life
March 23 Substance Free  Applications Due in the Office of Housing and Residence Life
April 3 Substance Free Contract Due
April 3 Friendship Suite Applications Due
April 11 Oldenborg Room Draw Numbers Available
April 13 Oldenborg Room Draw 3:30 p.m. in Oldenborg Center
April 7 Room Draw Numbers Available
April 21 Friendship Suite Room Draw 1:00 p.m., Smith Campus Center Ballroom
April 22

Room Draw for Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores-to-be 1:00 p.m., Smith Campus Center Ballroom

The Room Draw process is intended to provide for the equitable assignment of rooms through a combination of seniority, random number generation and personal choice. This process is strictly governed by the rules which follow.

Room Draw Numbers and History

Room Draw numbers are generated by computer and assigned randomly according to class, as defined by the Registrar, Seniors-to-be given priority, then Juniors-to-be, followed by Sophomores-to-be. A list of students and their draw numbers will be sent via Pomona email approximately one week before general room draw and will be posted on the web soon after.

Room Draw History 2016 [pdf]
Room Draw History 2015 [pdf]
Room Draw History 2014 [pdf]

Friendship Suites

Students wishing to draw into a suite together must complete the appropriate application by Tuesday, April 4 at 5:00pm (no late applications will be accepted for any reason).  Priority will be based on the averaged room draw numbers of each group.  The names of group members and the averaged numbers will be sent out to all Friendship Suite applicants.

Friendship Suite Draw will be held in Edmunds Ballroom, Smith Campus Center.  At least one student representing each group must be present when their number is called. 

Friendship Suite Draw:  Saturday, April 21       1:00pm SCC Edmunds Ballroom

Selecting a friendship suite is a binding commitment. No room changes or room switches out of a friendship suite will be allowed until the end of the fall semester.

Double/Single Room Draw


Sunday, April 22nd:  1:00pm
(Seniors to be should plan to arrive around 12:30; Juniors to be should plan to arrive around 1:30 pm; Sophomores to be should plan to arrive around 2:30 pm)    

A student or a proxy must be present when his/her number is called.  Proxy forms are available in Campus Life.

Priority in Room Draw

Doubles and singles will be offered at the same time and will be drawn in the order established by the lottery numbers, with the lowest number having highest priority. Students with the best number will be able to "pull in" their roommates. Doubles must be drawn by two people at the same time. All students being pulled in or their proxies must be present at the time of selection to verify that they wish to live in the chosen housing situation. These students then do not participate further in the room draw process.

For example: Kelly and Casey want to live in a double. Kelly has a draw number (DN) of 247, and Casey has a DN of 347.   When Kelly's number is called, Kelly chooses to select a double room, then, Casey gets assigned to the double at the same time. It does not matter what Casey's DN is, and Alex does not need to wait for Casey's number (DN - 347) to come up to select Casey as a roommate. After the HRL staff record Kelly and Casey's room assignment, Jordan, who has a DN of 248, is up next to select a room. 

Deferred Housing

In the event there are students who have not been able to draw a room during Room Draw, they should file a Deferred Housing Form.  These students are guaranteed housing and will be assigned during the third week in August.

The procedure for assigning rooms is as follows:  Over the course of the summer, many rooms become vacant due to students deciding to move off campus, going on leave or deciding for various reasons not to return to Pomona in the fall.  Also, after the new students are housed, there are generally rooms left that were previously held out for sponsor group areas.  In mid-August, assignments will be made using room draw numbers for priority.  Housing assignments will be sent via Pomona email approximately August 1.

Room Change Requests

If you have selected a room during Double/Single Room Draw and wish a room change, please complete a Room Change Request Form.   Room Change Request Form  You do not give up your room to enter the room change pool.  Your room draw number is used to determine priority and if a requested room becomes available, the change will be made. Time does not allow for you to be contacted prior to the change in assignment. Housing assignments will be sent via Pomona email approximately August 1.

For further information, please call the Office of Housing and Residence Life, (909) 607-2239 or email Frank Bedoya