How does Room Draw work?

All returning students are given a randomly assigned number based on their planned graduation date. Seniors are given the best numbers, followed by Juniors, and then Sophomores. Rooms are selected using these numbers with the lowest number choosing first. Doubles are selected using the better of the intended roommates' numbers.

How do I select a friendship suite?

Friendship suites are offered prior to selection of singles and doubles. Students wishing to live in a Friendship Suite must apply and are given a group number based on the average of their room draw numbers for the Friendship Suite Draw.

If a group of friends choose a friendship suite and one of them wishes to trade rooms with someone outside of the friendship suite, how is this done?

Friendship Suites are a binding commitment and room changes out of friendship suites are not allowed during the fall semester.

How do I know what kind of room I can get with my number?

Every year is different but the historical information is available in the Office of Housing and Residence Life.

How do I know what rooms are still available?

A list of available rooms will be accessed through the student portal during the Room Draw period.

I'm required to be somewhere else during the time of Room Draw. What do I do?

You may designate someone to act as your proxy. They will need a note signed by you stating, "I designate ___________ to act as my proxy for me." Remember to sign the note. Your proxy will sign a proxy agreement at Room Draw.

If I have to defer for housing, when will I know where I will live?

Deferred housing assignments are made after August 15. You will be notified by Pomona email approximately August 20.

How are deferred housing assignments made?

Any and all information that is given to the Office of Housing and Residence Life prior to the close of the spring semester is used to place each student as closely as possible with their preferences.  The student's room draw number is used for priority in placement in deferred housing.

If I have to defer, will I be forced to live in a double with someone I don't know?

A good portion of rooms that are available for deferred housing are doubles. The best thing to do is to list one or two people from the deferred list who would be an acceptable roommate.

Why are there not enough rooms available during Room Draw?

More than enough rooms have to be held out for the sponsor group areas. Once the new class size is known, the extra rooms are released for housing. Also, over the course of the summer, students decide to go on leave or live off campus, opening up vacancies.

If there are vacancies in Substance Free, Oldenborg, etc., will I be placed in one of those, even though I didn't request them?

These places are first filled with students who have requested to be placed on a waiting list for them. After that, if housing is filled to capacity in other places, students will be placed in these areas regardless of their request.

How do I get in to Oldenborg?

Oldenborg has a separate application process in which each student's language proficiency is determined for eligibility within a language hall. A signed agreement to participate in the Oldenborg language programs is also required. Rooms in Oldenborg are selected prior to the general room draw process.

If I choose the room I will be living in now, can I leave items in that room?

Due to renovations, summer conferences and the summer housing program, all residence halls are in use over the summer and all rooms must be cleared and cleaned.

If someone from a friendship suite decides to go on leave or move off campus, how is the vacancy filled?

The remaining residents will be contacted to request the name of a new suitemate. If the person chosen agrees to move to the suite, it will be done based on the agreement of all. If no one is chosen, the Office of Housing and Residence Life will place someone from the deferred list in the room.

What happens if I draw a room and then decide to go on leave?

You will forfeit the housing deposit that you paid upon entering Pomona College. This deposit must be replaced in order to enroll in classes when you return.

What happens if I draw a room and then decide to live off campus?

All students selecting a room during any of the room selections procedures and subsequently choosing to live off campus will forfeit the entire housing deposit.  This deposit must be replaced before enrolling in classes in the fall.

My friend has been issued a draw number but is not going to use it. Can we switch numbers?

No, the numbers are assigned to each individual and cannot be switched.

I'm going to be a Junior and I want to choose a double room with a rising Senior. When do we go to Room Draw?

You would go to Room Draw during the time assigned to seniors. Your friend will be able to draw you in to their double based on their draw number.