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Housing Options

In addition to traditional residence hall rooms, there are several options available to students. 

Substance Free Housing

Students wishing to live in an area where no substances of any kind are allowed may apply for "Substance Free Hall"; through the Office of Housing and Residence Life. A "Substance Free" Agreement not to use any alcohol or other substances in the hall must be signed prior to choosing a room.

Oldenborg Center

Oldenborg Center for Modern Languages and International Relations offers a unique living and academic experience to its residents. The Center provides language sections in Arabic, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese, directed by graduate student language residents who are native speakers of their languages. For more information contact Oldenborg Center.

Five-College Housing Exchange

Students wishing to live on one of the other four campuses of The Claremont Colleges may participate in the Five College Housing Exchange. If the student is matched with a counterpart at another college, a contract is signed by each exchanger and a housing representative of each college.

Friendship Suites

Students wishing to live together in a Friendship Suite of 3 to 6 people must apply together prior to the room draw process.  The application is not binding but once a suite is selected, no changes may be made into or out of the suite until the following spring semester. The Friendship Suite Application is available here [pdf]. Learn more about the Rules for Friendship Suites.

Off-Campus Housing

Students wishing to live off campus next year must apply through the Office of Housing and Residence Life.  Applications are considered on an individual basis and are limited to Seniors and Juniors.  Living off campus affects financial aid and the application must include a signature from the Office of Financial Aid indicating that the student has been made aware of the changes or that he/she does not receive financial aid. The application is due Wednesday, April 4, 2018. The Off-Campus Housing Form is available here [pdf]

Students with Dependent Children

A limited number of spaces have been reserved for single students with one or more dependent children aged 8 and under. For more information, please contact the Office of Housing and Residence Life at (909) 607-2239.