In The Know Lab

First Data Center Visit for HPC Support Students

Data Center Visit

Pictures of the first HPC employees on the wall

The Original HPC Support Team

Daziah builds 3D printer enclosure while Max plays with VR

Student Assembling 3D Printer

Lindsey with SnapMaker

Student Operating SnapMaker 3D Printer

Flying Drones

Students Experimenting With Tello Drones

The In The Know Lab was created in September of 2018 in the Cowart Building, where ITS is located, as an attempt to educate student workers about new technologies and introduce them to the technical skills required in the modern workplace. The majority of our projects require knowledge of Linux,  cross-platform software installations, command line (CLI), remote connectivity via ssh, programming environments or IDEs, package managers, networking concepts, and various other building blocks that are easier to learn while playing or pursuing some other goal, like developing a Virtual Reality environment.

Learning in the lab is a mixture of hands-on work and tutorials created by the students themselves, as we believe one learns best when one has to teach someone else. The lab is meant to be open to the community at large, including students, faculty, and staff, and even families or local schools, to explore, learn, and get inspired.

The initial purpose was to focus on the immediate need of training the students in supporting the research efforts at Pomona College but the feedback received from the community led to expanding the purpose to include proactive outreach in partnering with the Pomona College departments to enable our students' participation in the global research community and give them a seat the table in technical environments where the technology we use today and will be using tomorrow is created.

The lab has recently doubled in size and can now accommodate multiple projects at the same time. Requests to book the lab should be directed to