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Job Opportunities

HPC and In The Know Lab are staffed by student workers, from various disciplines including Computer Science, Economics, Politics, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Theater, English, Chemistry, Art, Media Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Linguistics, Astronomy, History, Public Policy Analysis, Art History.

The group currently includes Pomona College, CGU, and Scripps students and counts 20 students working over the summer, on campus and remotely and 40 students working during the semester.  We have an ongoing HPC Support position posted in Handshake that we renew every year while we have funding. The position is open to all 7 schools on Claremont campus.

The first iteration of the job in 2018 involved  shadowing Asya Shklyar, a Director of HPC for Pomona College, to learn about an IT job, with the focus on research support. The students get to interact with the other members of ITS team as well, when they need to learn about the specialized skills like networking or databases.  As the initial group of students picked up the basic skills necessary for a successful existence within an IT department, they started initiating projects of their own, with faculty advisors’ involvement. Some of the students are also a part of SURP, Pomona summer research program.

Students meet weekly on Thursdays and Fridays to update everyone on their progress, ask questions, and pick up a few more skills in a group setting. The students also work on their individual projects in the lab, with the expectation that they publish one or more blogs on our web site describing their learning process. They document their findings in GitHub, Slack and Box and occasionally produce apps, papers, posters, and Virtual or Augmented Reality experiences that we share with the world.

We are actively pursuing grants that would allow us to continue  funding this position and enable more students to learn the skills that they need to be competitive in the modern workplace to their resumes.