Global Partnership Courses

Pomona College is offering a small selection of remote global learning courses and virtual global internships offered by our study abroad program partners to Pomona College juniors and seniors. These innovative Global Partnership Courses offer a unique opportunity to engage with critical global issues and experiential learning across continents and borders. The full list of approved courses can be found below. Please click on the links in the course title to view more information about the course and for instructions to enroll.

Except where otherwise noted, all courses are taught in English. Relevant foreign language skills may be recommended or required for some internships. The courses are eligible for CR/NC grading as outlined in the Academic Policies in the Pomona College application, unless otherwise noted in the course descriptions linked below.

Note: Only these remote global learning courses will be eligible for Pomona College credit. Requests for credit for courses not on this list will not be considered. Students must enroll in these courses through Pomona College in order to receive credit.

Course Scheduling

Students enrolled in a Global Partnership Course will be expected to participate in synchronous and asynchronous activities, which may vary per course. The meeting times for synchronous activities will be determined by faculty and students after enrollment to find mutually convenient times, unless otherwise indicated on the program information page. It is important to keep in mind that these courses will be taught by faculty from locations around the globe, and Pacific Time is not the default time zone. Students should be prepared to approach these courses with flexibility and independence.


  • Must be a junior or senior at Pomona College.
  • Must be enrolled full-time at Pomona College.
  • Must be in good academic, disciplinary, and financial standing.
  • May participate in one Global Partnership Course per semester.
  • Minimum GPA requirements and other prerequisites, where applicable, are listed for each course on the course’s information page.
  • Must gain admission into the courses through Pomona and our partners.


Pomona College will cover tuition for the Global Partnership Courses for approved applicants. Students will be responsible for the cost of books and course materials. In the event of student withdrawal from a course, the refund policy of the program provider will apply, and students will be liable for any unrecoverable expenses incurred on their behalf by Pomona College, up to $400. This may include program deposit and any unrecoverable course tuition and fees. Students facing financial hardship may request additional assistance for their portion of the withdrawal fees from the International & Domestic Programs Office.

How to Enroll

Click on the links above to view more information about each course and to access the application. Students must complete these steps to enroll:

  • Attend the Global Partnership Information Session.
  • Submit the Pomona Application by the deadline that includes:
    • Enrollment form
    • Review and sign policies
    • Advisor approval
  • Request permission to add the course in the Portal during pre-registration. The courses are listed under the ID course code.
  • Secondary application complete the program provider’s application (SIT)