Faculty Ask: How do I get my content on Video47?
It is easy. Just send a note to servicedesk@pomona.edu and let us know your name, the course number, and that you need a playlist created.

If it is a film new to Video47 or if we have not encoded the film since Summer 2015, we need the media to encode/re-encode with a goal of improving the display quality.

Where will my video content be? 
Your video content will apear in Sakai as a tool called Video Playlist. In Sakai you will see the same view as your students.

How do I build a playlist?
​Video47 has a “self-service playlist builder” where you as a faculty member can login, create playlists for current semester courses, and fill them with content. You may manage your playlists in real time. There are also instructions on how to embed your Video47 playlist into Sakai. It is easy. Just use your Pomona login.

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