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Print Quota and Printing Costs

Pomona College students will have $40 (approximately 500 pages) of print quota automatically added to their print balance at the beginning of every semester. Pomona College Seniors are given $80 (approximately 1000 pages) of print quota each semester.

Unused print quota rolls over at the end of each semester. Quota can be added to at any time.

Students from other Claremont Colleges are given $10 as a courtesy and must have a Pomona College network account to use the Pomona College computer lab printers.

Using print quota, students can print documents on any of the printers in the Pomona College computer labs.

Printing Costs

Type Cost per Page
Black and White Printer $0.08
Color printer $0.10
Poster printer $2.50 per 1 square foot

How to Check Your Print Quota

Log on to PaperCut with your Pomona College username (ces02014, ces04747, etc.) and password. The print balance will appear in the browser window.

If the print balance is in parentheses, then it is negative and you will not be able to print until you add more money to your print quota. In PaperCut, you can also select Recent Print Jobs to see your print history.

How to Increase Your Print Credit

You can increase your print credit via the Pomona College Portal.

  1. Log into the Portal
  2. Follow on the Student link (at the top).
  3. Choose My Student Account.
  4. Choose Add to Print Quota.
  5. Fill in the requested information.

How to Deal With Failed Print Jobs

There are a few unfortunate instances when one might print something on a Pomona College printer, but the print job does not come out.

The best recourse is to visit the ITS Service Desk as soon as the problem happens and ask for a print refund. The longer you wait, the less chance there is of being refunded the price of the print job.