Instructional Continuity FAQs

In my class I frequently write on the board. How do I do that online?

If you are not already in the habit of using tablets and apps in your classroom teaching, we recommend using a document camera in combination with Zoom. This combination works if you are recording a session with Zoom or teaching live.

In order to complete assignments my students need to freehand graphs, equations, and etc. How will they do that online?

Ask the student to take a photo of their work with their cell phone and upload the photo to Box.

My students use specialized software that they don't have on their own computers. Can they still get access to this software?

Some limited remote applications are accessible via a Virtual Desktop Environment with more planning to be added daily. If you don't see what you need there, please email with your software request as well as the date you first anticipate using that in your course.

I plan to use Zoom to make recordings for the students to watch asynchronously. How long should my videos be?

Short! Aim for 5-7 minutes.

How might I assess whether my students watched and engaged with my online lecture presentations?

You might think of the presentations as readings and pair them with synchronous Zoom discussions. Through the discussion you'll be able to gauge which students engaged with your presentation and to what extent. Another method would be to pair the video presentation with an asynchronous Sakai forum or a Sakai quiz.

How can I join the Instructional Continuity project site and add it to my Sakai site favorites?

To join the Instructional Continuity site, sign into Sakai. Then navigate to your "Home" site to the very furthest left-hand side in your top site menu. Find the "Membership" tab from the left-hand side menu, then select the "Joinable Sites" tab. In the search menu, enter "Instructional Continuity." Our site will pop up for you, with a small "Join" button under it. Selecting "Join" will add you to the site and should automatically load the site to the top of your favorites menu. If for any reason you find that the site is not automatically added to your favorites, click on your "Sites" tab, find the "Instructional Continuity" site under your Project Sites menu, and click on the empty star icon directly in front of the site name. The star should become yellow. The site is now added to your favorites. Select the "Organize Favorites" tab to further rearrange your favorites- the site will have to be one of your top six sites in this tab to appear in your top site menu.

How can I upload a voice-over presentation to Box that I can share beyond Pomona College students (e.g., with other 5C students, with someone from outside the college)? I'm concerned that only Pomona College students can view my linked video.

After uploading your file to Box, click on the three small dots icon to the right of your file name. Select "Share" to open up the sharing menu. In this menu, enable a shared link and set the settings for this link to "People with the link" and "Can view and download." You may then copy this link and share it with your students via Sakai, email, or elsewhere. With these settings in place, anyone with the link can access the content, not just Pomona students. They will not need a Box account or to sign in to anything to access your file. You can also find step by step instructions for this process, with annotated screenshots.