2018-2019 ITS Advisory Committee Launch

On October 11, 2018, members of the Faculty, Students, Staff and ITS Management met to launch the 2018-2019 ITS Advisory Committee (ITSAC). This vital committee was formed to advise the ITS department in the development and management of investments in IT and represent shared accountability with Pomona College for the delivery of ITS results.

Since its inception in 2017, the ITSAC has provided advice and guidance on:

  • Crucial feedback on our Device Inventory Tool.
  • Contributed input on our Annual Policy Acceptance Screen.
  • Assistance in the successful completion of the Office 365 implementation by providing messaging guidance in communicating updates to Faculty.
  • Valuable insight into progress of the SIS Project and lastly,
  • Acceptance of the ITS Mission Statement.

ITSAC will again be in a position to provide guidance and advice on a myriad of topics, that will assist ITS in the pursuit of their Strategic Objectives.

The committee meets monthly and consists of the following representatives:

Committee Member Title
William Morse, VP and CIO Co-Chair
Eric Grosfils, Prof. of Geology Co-Chair
Rett Bull, Prof. of Computer Science Faculty Representative
Bo Cutter, Prof. of Economics Faculty Representative
Kim Bruce, Prof. of Computer Science (2019 member) Faculty Representative
Alex Ker, Class of 2022, CS/Philosophy/Linguistics/CogSci  Student Representative
Elvis Kahoro, Class of 2020, CS/Math Student Representative
Elisa Alban, Registrar Staff Representative
Nadine Francis, Sr. Director of Advancement Services and Information Systems Staff Representative
Vickie Roberts, Director of Finance Operations and Chief Accountant Staff Representative
Jennifer Rachford, Director of Institutional Research Staff Representative
Rolondo Talbott, Director of Project Management Facilitator
Mary McMahon, Deputy CIO Ex-Officio
Cole Maddox, Deputy CIO Ex-Officio


ITS is excited to use this opportunity to continue to develop in a manner that truly serves the needs and goals of our broader community!