2020 ITSAC Accomplishments

In 2020, the Pomona College ITS Advisory Committee (ITSAC), which is composed of faculty, students, staff, and ITS management, met for a record 18 meetings, nearly double the number of meetings in years past. During these meetings, ITSAC offered crucial feedback during the temporary transition to remote work and online learning and teaching at Pomona College. Many of the conversations focused on how ITS would address challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the year, ITSAC accomplishments included:

  • Providing crucial feedback on wireless connectivity around campus which directly influenced the Wireless Upgrade Project
  • Contributing input and guidance for Student DUO Implementation
  • Participating in the selection of key ITS personnel
  • Receiving and commenting on the ITS Summer and Fall Remote Plan
  • Providing feedback on hotspot, laptop, and equipment deployment during the transition to online teaching and learning
  • Sharing valuable insights into ITS led and self-paced trainings for key services such as Slack, Zoom, and Box.
  • Discussing improved ways of receiving ITS support
  • Participating in UAT for the ITS-developed Contact Tracing Application and FAQs

Looking forward to 2021, ITSAC intends to have further discussions on SIS, the reopening of the college, and Spring semester planning. Thank you ITSAC for all your contributions in helping the college progress during these unprecedented times. ITS is enthusiastic about continuing collaboration with ITSAC to provide better service to the Pomona College community.

2020 ITSAC Members

Janet Russell, Interim CIO Chair
Feng Xiao, Asst. Prof. of Asian Languages & Literatures Co-Chair
Rolondo Talbott, Sr. Dir. Of Project Management Facilitator
Kathie Rosacker, Assoc. Registrar Staff Representative
Peter Hansen, Interim Director of Advancement Services and Information Services Staff Representative
Josh Eisenberg, Assoc. Dean of Students & Dean of Campus Life Staff Representative
Adam Sapp, Sr. Assoc. Dean & Director of Admissions Staff Representative
Jennifer Rachford, Director of Institutional Research Staff Representative
Eric Grosfils, Chair & Prof. of Geology Faculty Representative
Megan Zirnstein, Asst. Prof. of Linguistics and Cognitive Science Faculty Representative
Pei Qin, Class of 2022, Physics Student Representative
Nirali Devgan, Class of 2022, Computer Science & Economics Student Representative
Cole Maddox, Deputy CIO Ex-Officio
Anna Jacobsen, Technical Communications Manager Ex-Officio