Claiming Your Pomona College Account

For our newly enrolling students, claiming your Pomona College account provides access to Admissions information and requirements, as well as other Pomona College resources. Here is how to claim your account:

Caution: Please make sure that you allow enough time to complete the sign up process for the new password reset service. If you stop and pause for 10 minutes or longer, the system will lock up and you will need to call ITS to reset it for you. ITS will not be in the office between 3 p.m. December 22nd and 8 a.m. January 3rd because of the staff holiday and College closure. It should take around two to three minutes at most to go through the steps. But, to be on the safe side, we recommend you wait to begin the process until you will have 5 minutes to complete the steps below.

The information below will show you how to claim your user account and set your password using the campus’s Identity Management Service:

  1. Please visit:
  2. Complete the CAPTCHA (Are You a Robot) screen if prompted to do so.
    Note: With some browsers, you may not see this. Proceed to the next step if you do not.

Activate Your Account

Enter the following information:

  • Your Pomona College username (e.g., CESX2015, CES01946, etc.)
  • Your last name
  • Your Pomona College ID (the 8-digit number of your Pomona College issued ID).
    Be sure to leave off any leading zeros, and don’t include any numbers after the hyphen.

Note: If you know your username and password, but do not know your Pomona College ID#, please visit:

  1. Click the ‘Activate Account’ button to proceed.
  2. Next, review the terms and conditions, then check the ‘I Agree’ box and hit ‘Continue’ to proceed to the next screen.

Success and Update Profile

After your account has been found, you will be guided through the remaining steps: resetting your password and providing an alternate email address for account recovery purposes.

Click through the next few screens.

Change Password

Enter your password to register it with the Pomona College Identity Management System to sync it with resources across the Pomona computing systems. You may keep your current password or enter a new one.


After your password has been successfully set, continue on to enter alternate contact information, which will only be used to help you recover your account.

Update Profile

Please review the message on the screen, check the ‘I Agree’ box to continue onto the next screen, where you will enter your alternate contact information.

Enter your alternate contact information.

We require that you enter an alternate (non-Pomona College) email address that we can use to help you recover your account. It is also highly recommended that you also enter your SMS-enabled mobile phone number, as many users find this to be the most convenient way to reset their password.

After the account claim process has been completed, you can add challenge questions by logging into with your username and password.

Confirm Data Profile

Review the contact information that you entered, and if correct click ‘Confirm’ to continue on.


Your contact information has successfully been entered. Continue on to complete the account claim process.

Main Menu

At this point, you have successfully claimed your account. To log into the service, go to:

Enter your username and password. From there, you can:

  • Set up security (or challenge) questions
  • Change your current password, and…
  • Reset your password if it is forgotten or lost.

You’re all set!