The FIT Group: Crafting a Mission

Last fall, ITS announced the launch of our Future Innovation and Technologies (FIT) Group, an internal committee comprised of members across various divisions within ITS.  The FIT Group is tasked with shaping a strategic plan for the future of our department. The committee’s first project was to identify our key values with the end result of crafting a mission statement that could clearly communicate these values to the wider college community and strategic objectives that would help us continue to grow to meet the goals of our new statement. 

In initial meetings, we asked ourselves questions like “Who are we today and who do we want to be in the future?” and “What value do we bring to the Pomona College community?” From our responses to these questions we generated a list of several dozen adjectives that were examined and consolidated until we arrived at seven words that all members comfortably felt expressed the core values of our department.

These values, which were presented to wider ITS staff with for feedback, are: Supportive, Collaborative, Innovative, Empathetic, Accountable, Passionate, and Accessible. From this list of core values the group constructed both a mission statement that would incorporate these values and a slogan to serve as an effective distillation of this statement. 

Mission Statement of ITS

Our passion for excellence inspires our service as members of the Pomona College community. We strive to be accessible, collaborative, and innovative partners in everything we do. We hold ourselves accountable to provide a supportive and empathetic approach to solutions, technical and beyond.

People • Service • Technology

From the creation of our new mission statement and slogan, the FIT group began the creation of developing strategic objectives that would ensure that we met the terms of our mission statement and would form the key components of our forward-looking plan as a department. These strategic objectives, presented below, were directly developed from our mission statement.

ITS Strategic Objectives:

  • Inclusion​
  • Make technology accessible​
  • Reliability​
  • Deliver solutions you can count on​​
  • Trust​
  • Be transparent to earn your trust​
  • Protect your data as if it was our own​
  • Support​
  • Support technology that fulfills the mission of the College​
  • Service​
  • Provide technology solutions that meet your needs​
  • Innovation​
  • Leverage the strengths of the consortium​
  • Ready for what’s next​
  • Efficiency​
  • Provide sustainable solutions​
  • Facilitation​
  • Make IT possible​

Work has now begun on focusing on the first two of these strategic objectives, “Inclusion” and “Reliability”, with discussion of specific goals that would help us meet these objectives and a plan for the group to work through each of the subsequent objectives in a similar fashion. The result will be a strategic plan for the growth of our department that will be directly in line with our core values. 

​We are proud of the truly collaborative effort that has produced our new mission statement, slogan, and strategic objectives. One of the things that consistently came up in FIT group discussions about our strengths as a department is an emphasis on people and service and our slogan in particular reflects this.

We know that the very best service we provide as a department hinges on the collaborative relationships we form with the wider Pomona College community. Our work is only as good as its ability to support the work that you do and effective support hinges on us being a department that is accessible and easy to work with. We feel that the work of the FIT group embodies these values and are excited that the development of specific goals from our new strategic objectives will allow us to continue working towards an ITS that embodies these values in everything that we do.