ITS Looks Towards the Future with the FIT Group

Pomona College ITS is looking toward the future. To that end, it is our pleasure to announce the newly formed Future Innovation and Technologies (FIT) group. The FIT group is comprised of members of ITS from all of the various divisions within the department. Membership will change on a regular basis to ensure that all ITS staff members will have an opportunity to serve on the group.

The overall purpose of the FIT group will be to continually look ahead toward the future of our department and its role in the college. To meet these needs, the group will be developing a “Green Tree” strategic plan for the department that will evolve and grow along with the needs and goals of the department. This plan will serve as a living support of everything we do here at ITS. Key components of the strategic plan include the development of a mission statement, strategic goals, and tactical projects that specifically align with these goals. To ensure the “living” quality of this plan, it will be reviewed and revised by the group annually.

The FIT group has currently met twice and has thus far has been working towards crafting our mission statement. To make this statement as full of a representation of both who we are and want to be as a department as possible, the group has gone through a process of generating adjectives that come to mind when we consider the following:

•    Who we are today and who we want to be in the future

•    What ITS means to our internal and external clients

•    The value that ITS brings to the Pomona College community

The group whittled a list of several dozen initial adjectives to seven words that we think best describe our goals and that we will use to construct our new mission statement. The chosen words will be shared out with the rest of the department in the coming weeks for feedback before moving on to constructing our mission statement.

We are excited to include the voices of all of our staff members in shaping ITS for the future and hope that the inclusion of this group in our development as a department will help us to serve the wider Pomona College community better.