ITS Plans for the Fall Semester

The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged each of us to re-imagine how we ensure the same engaging educational experience while working, teaching or learning remotely. For most of us, this shift seemingly occurred overnight. Now that Spring Semester has come to a close, ITS is looking forward to developing a more robust plan for remote work, strengthening our ability to provide the same high level of educational and operational standards that are hallmarks of the Pomona College experience.

Instructional Continuity

Faculty development opportunities are critical to ensuring high-touch online courses. Working in collaboration with the Dean’s office, Faculty Executive Committee, and the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) of The Claremont Colleges (TCC), we are designing summer faculty development in transitioning a face-to-face course into a fully online course. It is likely that the offerings will include an option for small cohorts of faculty to work together as well as for individual faculty to engage the content in a self-paced way. Faculty will also have the opportunity for individual consultations.

Operational Continuity

Operational continuity efforts will focus on enhancing the remote work experience and reducing the risks of remote work. To enhance the remote work experience, ITS will provide tools and services that offer faster access to data and applications as well as increase transparency by providing more information on the status of our systems. As we improve these remote services, remote access to data will be necessary, increasing the risk of a security incident. To reduce this risk, we will enhance our authentication solution, improve our anti-phishing solutions, improve remote administration of Pomona-owned assets, and provide optional security enhancements for the Pomona community.


In addition to planning for instructional and operational continuity, ITS will be expanding support services. These services will include providing online chat tools along with a self-help knowledge portal which will offer support outside of work hours, offering extended ServiceDesk hours and virtual office hours with support staff, as well as providing training courses on hot topics such as Zoom and Slack.