To Our Graduating Seniors

We want to let you know how ITS will be working to transition you to your new “graduated student” status. First of all, your MyMail e-mail account will be yours to keep indefinitely, with a few provisions. Microsoft will keep the account active as long as you login to the MyMail website at least once every 6 months; without that regular check-in, Microsoft will suspend the account and potentially clear out any old messages.
Speaking of e-mail, the one address that will remain with you is the format, so that is the address you’ll want to be sure to use going forward for all correspondence. We will keep your alias through December of this year to help you make the transition, but be sure and update any systems that use your Pomona address to the MyMail address format.

While your network account will remain active for ongoing portal access, your network space on the Fargo server will be inaccessible after June 30th, so be sure and copy any important files you need to your own computer’s drive, external hard drive, flash drive, or personal cloud storage.
If you wish to donate any remaining print quota balance to another student, you can go to and login using campus\userid and click “Transfers” on the left. Just enter the person’s user ID in the “transfer to user” box; you can determine their ID based on their Pomona MyMail e-mail address.