Pardon Our Dust...

Big changes are coming to the J.C. Cowart Information Technology Building to provide a more open work and lab area.  Construction is set to begin Saturday, March 11 and will run through April 21. 

On Thursday March 9 and Friday March 10, we will be moving around equipment in the ITS Computing Lab to prepare for the construction.  Although the lab will be partially available as we shuffle the equipment around, we suggest using alternative locations such as the Smith Campus Center Fireplace Lounge for computer access.  The ITS Computing Lab will be closed Saturday March 11 and Sunday March 12.

With the exception of March 11 and 12, Cowart IT will continue to be open and accessible during our regular hours through the construction period.  However, construction will cause increased noise, smell and dust in the lab and staff areas of ITS which may affect use the ITS Conference room and Classroom areas.  Project Rooms may be unavailable for general use for relocated IT Service Desk Staff during times when the noise can affect calls.  While we are working with the contractor to minimize these disturbances, please plan your schedule in these areas with this in mind.

Phase 1 of the construction process is nearing completion as the former “mail room” takes on new life as a secure office space for VP/CIO William Morse and IT Business Manager Angelina Quevedo. 

Phase 2 will open up the staff front area with glass and card swipe access and the lab area will have one of its walls partially removed to open up the entry way.

The facility improvements will provide more access to IT Staff as well as a more pleasant, open environment.  We look forward to sharing with you the final results!