laptop bags

For many years, ITS has maintained a small, ragtag collection of equipment affectionately known as the ITS Loaner Pool. The Loaner Pool was devised so that faculty and staff would have short-term access to a laptop, projector, or video camera. Demand for the service grew and it soon became a must-have service for the College.

This summer, ITS has replaced the equipment in the pool with all-new, lighter laptops and laptop bags, audio equipment and more modern cameras and projectors. Access to the ITS Loaner Pool was also expanded to include Pomona students.

The procedure for requesting equipment from the Pool has changed slightly. All requests need to be reserved at least 24 hours in advance if possible by submitting a request to Borrowers will need to submit what equipment they wish to borrow and the dates that they will need the equipment. Loans are restricted to 1 week, but consideration may be taken in longer loans. Availability of equipment is not guaranteed, depending on demand. We expect demand to be high, so make sure that you make equipment requests ahead of time, but no more than 2 weeks in advance.

Borrowers will now need to fill out a form stating their understanding of the policy and assumption of financial responsibility (either billing a department or student account for loss or damage) and to inspect the equipment to ensure everything is working upon checkout and check in.

The procedure for longer term loans remains the same – send an e-mail to we will try to accommodate reasonable requests or we may be able or point you in the right direction. Students seeking longer term computer loans may wish to contact the Dean of Students Office for options.

Also, keep in mind that many spaces on campus are equipped with computers and projectors.