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Microsoft Azure: MFA for Alumni

Alumni can now safely access their alumni mailbox with multi-factor authentication through Azure MFA, Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication solution. Similar to Duo, Azure MFA helps safeguard access to data and applications while maintaining simplicity for users. When you are prompted to register, please follow these setup instructions provided by Microsoft. You can select from a variety of easy to use authentication methods to provide a second form of identification and we recommend setting up more than one.

Please be aware that some email apps, especially those using IMAP or POP, may not support multi-factor authentication. This lack of support means that once your account is enabled for Azure MFA, your email app may not be able to access your Pomona College mailbox. If you encounter this problem, we recommend switching to a compatible app such as Microsoft Outlook (available for iOS and Android).

Alternatively, you can create an auto-generated password to use with each incompatible app, separate from your normal password. Please note that Microsoft is planning to discontinue support for apps that don’t support MFA in October 2020, so your app will need to be updated by the developer or you will need to switch to an app that does support MFA.

If you have not been prompted to set up Azure MFA on your alumni mailbox, you may request that it be enabled by submitting a request to the Pomona College Service Desk at (909) 621-8061 or