Pomona EdTech is a site produced by the Educational Technology Group of Pomona College ITS as a place to showcase the larger trends in the Educational Technology world both at Pomona College and more generally as well as to inspire the Pomona College community with the realm of possibility these tools have to offer to their teaching and research.

  • EdTech Tools: A catalog of Educational Technology tools that are maintained or supported by Pomona College ITS, as well as tools that our faculty have found useful.
  • EdTech Project Portfolio: A place to showcase previous Educational Technology projects, done in collaboration with our faculty and Pomona College ITS, often under Hahn Grant funding. We hope that this portfolio inspires future Hahn Grant applications.
  • EdTech Topics: A collection of broader concepts and topics that relate to our projects and tools and highlight some of the larger discourses happening in Educational Technology. Open-ended in nature, we hope that these ideas will provoke discussion and deeper consideration of the ever-evolving role of technology in teaching and research.