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Sakai Site Customization

Use Site Info to Customize

The Site Info tool allows faculty to change information about the site, change available tools, and add or deactivate participants in the site.

Title, Description and Contact Info

You cannot edit the title of a course site, but you can edit the title of a project site that you created. Use the “Site Title” field to edit the title of your project site.

In the “Description” field, type information that you want displayed in your site’s Worksite Information box. Note: If you have chosen to display a web page in Worksite Information on the Home menu, then the text in the description field will not appear.

You can also change your “Site Contact Name” and “Site Contact Email” here.

After you’ve made changes, click Continue. On the confirmation screen, click Finish.

Customizing Site Tools

The tools available in a site are listed as links in the left-hand Tool Menu Bar. An array of tools are provided by default, but faculty can add or remove tools from their sites.

To change the tools available in your site:

  1. Click Site Info, then click Edit Tools.
  2. Check or uncheck boxes to add or remove tools from your site.
  3. Click the Continue button
  4. On the next page click the Finish button

To reorder and rename tools:
The Page Order tool allows site maintainers to reorder and rename the tools in their site’s toolbar. The tool is available under Site Info/PageOrder. Just drag and drop the tools to reorder them.

To rename your tools, use the PageOrder tool and click the Edit icon next to the tool you want to rename.

More information on Sakai:

Consult Sakai Help, especially the Instructor Guide.