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User Network Storage Quota:

Faculty/Staff: 50 GB
Students: 10 GB

Email Box Quota:

Faculty/Staff: 250 MB; Warning message will be sent at 200 MB with the inability to send messages commencing at the 250 MB limit; client will continue to be able to receive messages
Students: 5GB limit (MyMail) Quota:

Pomona College faculty and staff are eligible for a Box account. These accounts has 50 GB of storage, which can be increased if there is space available and by submitting a request to ITS. There is a 5 GB single file size limitation.

Sakai Quota:

Currently there are no quotas in place for the Sakai Collaborative Learning Environment. There is a limit for a single file upload of 1 gigabyte.

Upload/Download Quota:

Download: 6 GB per day.
Upload: 2 GB per day.

File transfers to computers on the Pomona network are not counted towards the quota, and normal web surfing and email should not ever reach these limits. If you are using a file sharing program, capping your upload speed to 20 KB/s or less will probably allow you to leave it on without exceeding the daily limit.

If you exceed the download/upload limit your internet access will be temporarily revoked. See ITS network policies page for more information. If you believe this has happened to you, please contact the ITS Service Desk.