Box Overview

Box provides a secure environment for students, faculty, and staff to store and share files and folders. You can consolidate your shareable content in a single location, and access it from anywhere, on any device. In Box, you can create or upload files and folders, share them using a direct link, invite others to collaborate, and revise and review your files.

Box is not a replacement for Sakai as a teaching and learning environment. Box can be used instead of or in addition to external hard drives, thumb drives, shared network drives, and other cloud-based storage solutions.

Box provides:

  • File sharing with students and collaborators in and out of Pomona College
  • Online previewing of documents
  • Opening files in editing programs (such as Word) and auto-saving to Box
  • Maintaining versions of files
  • Commenting on files
  • Online creation of documents
  • Mobile access of online files
  • Collaborating in realtime on documents in BoxNotes
  • Communicating and creating tasks

Security and Privacy

Pomona College ITS administers the Pomona Box Enterprise accounts, allowing more flexibility, and more storage space than other cloud storage environments, while increasing security and privacy. However, no highly sensitive information should be stored in Box. The Claremont Colleges Appropriate Use Policy of Campus Computing and Network Resources and the Pomona College Use of Third Party Storage Policy applies to using Pomona Box accounts.

Non-Pomona College Box Users

Pomona College does not establish college-managed Box accounts for non-Pomona College collaborators or others with whom you wish to share files. However, you can share files with anyone who does not have a Box account by sharing the link to the files. Also, provides free personal accounts with limited storage space and features.

Account Deprovisioning Policy (faculty and staff)

Since a Box Enterprise account requires a valid Pomona College username/password, once a Pomona College account is closed, the account holder (except students) loses access to the Box account (and data within). The account holder should ensure he/she has a copy of the Box account data before leaving the college.

Further, faculty and staff Box accounts (and data within) are subject to the same Account Termination policy.

To use Box after leaving Pomona College, go to and sign up for a new personal account.

Student Accounts After Graduation

Students who created their Pomona College Box accounts will retain them after graduation. These accounts will be automatically transitioned when they leave the college to private accounts with the storage quota of 50GB. If there is more than 50GB in the account, the graduated student (now alum) will not be able to store any new files until the quota goes below 50GB.  However, no files will automatically be removed if the account is over 50GB.  Alumni wanting more than 50GB will have to pay for additional storage requirements.

Pomona Support

The Pomona College ITS Service Desk is available to help with Box for Pomona College users. The ITS Knowledge Base also has a growing collection of help articles. Contact the ITS Service Desk at or (909) 621-8061.