Preview Files

Clicking on a file in your account on the Box website will allow you to see that file online. The Preview function works with almost any file type. Actions including “Share”, “Download”,  “Edit”, and “Print” are available in the Preview header. Comments and tasks can also be viewed next to the document in a sidebar.

Install Box Edit

To edit files such as Word documents or Excel spreadsheets, you must install Box Edit. Box Edit is designed for quick edits when working in the Box website. You can open, edit, and save a file without ever needing to leave Box. This feature is ideal for content that is not already synced to your desktop.

Box Edit will install the first time you click Edit in an open file; however, you can install Box Edit manually before using an Edit command. To install Box Edit: In your Box account, click on the “cloud” icon (Apps icon) in the toolbar. The Box Edit app may be in the “Popular Apps” section of the resulting window, or you can find it by searching for “Box Edit.” Download the app, and run the installation. Restart your browser to activate Box Edit.

Use Box Edit

You can use Box Edit to edit a file that is already stored in Box. Click “More Actions” next to the applicable file and select Edit with the application that was used to create the file. To create a new Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file directly in Box, click “New” and select the required application. You can also access Box Edit in the Preview mode by clicking on the “pencil” icon in the toolbar.

Manage File Versions

Box keeps a record and copies of file versions, rather than deleting a file or replacing it when the file is changed and uploaded. Upload a revised file by clicking on “More Actions” to the right of a file and selecting “Upload New Version”. If there is more than one version, the number of versions will appear below the file number.

If you wish to make sure no one is working on the same document at the same time, which might create conflicts, select “Lock” in the More Actions menu. After you have made changes and uploaded the new version, unlock the file so it can be edited by others.

To revert a to previous version,  click on the “v#” below the document name or hover over the document title on the Preview screen and click the version number to see your version history. Select which version to make current.