Share a Folder and File

Sharing folders and files in Box with others inside and outside Pomona College is easily accomplished with a link to the folder or file. Simply click “Share” next to a folder or file, and the link is available to send through Box, or for copying and pasting in an email. The “Share” features include setting permission levels, expiration dates, and optional password protection. The shared link settings can be accessed in the Share expansion menu for any file or folder, in the upper right corner of any file or folder page beneath the sharing options, or in the Folder Options drop down menu.

The recommended steps for sharing folders and files are:

  • To invite Collaborators to have access to your folder, click “Invite Collaborators” and enter their email addresses.
  • To set an access level for the folder click on the “Access” button for the desired folder or file and select an access level:
    • “Open” allows anyone to view a file by clicking the link
    • “Your Company” allows only Pomona College faculty and staff with Box accounts to view a file
    • “Collaborators Only” allows access only for the folder collaborators
    • “No Link”, which does not allow a file to be accessed through a link, although collaborators can still access the shared files through their account on the Box website
  • Enter the email addresses of those with whom you wish to share the file. Please note that if you share a file rather than a folder Collaborators will not see the document in their list of accessible documents. The only way they will be able to access the document on Box is via the link provided.
  • In the “Message” option, enter an optional note to those receiving the file.
  • Click “Send”.

Access to files or folders can optionally be set to expire on a selected date. To change the access expiration or set a date for the file to be automatically deleted, click “Set Expiration” in the dropdown menu and enter the date.

Make Comments and Assign Tasks

Box’s social workflow tools allow you and your collaborators to communicate and collaborate about a specific folder or file. Enter a comment or assign a task by clicking on the “dialogue box” icon to the right of a folder or file.

To send a comment to a specific collaborator, start a message with the “@” symbol and begin typing the name of the person. Click “Add Comment” and Box will email the person and populate the message in their Box account. This message will also stay with the file on which you’ve commented, giving context for others working with the file.

To keep assignments on track, assign a “Task” to appropriate collaborators, set a “Due Date”, and click “Add”. Each collaborator will receive an email with his or her task information.

Install Box Sync (optional)

Box Sync allows you to sync folders, subfolders, and files on your local computer with your Box folders, subfolders, and files. Box Sync is recommended to be used only with your personal Pomona account, and not with department or project accounts, especially if it involves sharing passwords for these types of accounts, which is against college security policies. To install Box Sync,

  • On the Box website, click on the setting “gear” icon and select “Get Box Sync”.
  • Click on the “Box Sync” download button.
  • Once downloaded, go to your download folders and double click on the “Box Sync Installer”.
  • In the installer window, click “Continue” or “Run”.
  • Click “Agree” to accept the Software License Agreement.
  • Click “Install” to start the installation.
  • When the installation is complete, Box Sync will automatically launch. Enter your Pomona College credentials.

Use Box Sync

On your local computer, you will have a folder called Box Sync. In that folder, you can create folders that will sync your local files with your Box folders. You can also manage the settings (such as when to sync, or to change the location of your local Box folder). To manage your sync settings, click on the installed Box sync icon either on your desktop or launch menu.

When you are using Box Sync, you must remain connected to a network for the syncing to occur when scheduled. When disconnecting from a network, make sure your syncing  is completed or any file changes will not finish.

For Box Sync 3 users only: will begin auto-updating existing Sync 3 users to Sync 4 the week of June 2, 2014. If the files on your desktop Box Sync folder aren’t completely in sync with what’s on the Box website before updating, Box Sync 4 uses what’s on the website as the starting point. Any additional/edited content is placed on your desktop in a new “Box Files Backup (not synced)” folder. That way none of your work is lost, and you can decide which of those files need to be moved over to the new Box Sync folder.