When using Box on mobile devices, please use the appropriate Box app, rather than your device’s web browser. Otherwise, you may experience problems logging in due to differences in how mobile browsers interact with Box.

Box for iOS

From an iPhone or an iPad, you can access your Box files with a Box app. To install follow these steps (or check the Box.com site for current information):

  • On your iOS device, open the Apple App Store.
  • Search for Box.
  • Install the free App called Box for iPhone and iPad.
  • Open the Box app and select “I have an account”.
  • Next, click on the “More login options”.
  • Login with your Pomona login name and password.
  • Create a passcode (can be different from the passcode to open your device).
  • Set the “Keep me logged in” option to “Off” for security.

Box for Android

From an Android device, you can access your Box files with a Box app. To install follow these steps (or check the Box.com site for current information):

  • Open the Apps by selecting the “Apps” icon.
  • Select “Play Store” from the list of apps.
  • Once the Play store is open, select “Apps” from the provided options.
  • Type “box” into the search area and then select the Box application.
  • After selecting the Box application, you should see the Box application displayed. To install the application, select “Install”. Verify that the application is published by Box.
  • You will be prompted to allow app permissions. Review the permissions and click “Accept” to allow the application to be installed.
  • Once the application has completed the installation, open the application by selecting the “Open” button.
  • The initial screen will appear. Click “Log in”.
  • The login screen will appear. At the bottom will be an option to use “My company uses single sign-on.” Select that option by clicking the button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Login with your Pomona credentials.
  • Create a pin passcode to access your Box documents.
  • You may receive a notice indicating that a feature has been disabled. This is normal. Press “OK” to continue.

Other Box OS Availability

Mobile Box apps are also available for Windows devices and Blackberry.  The installation is similar to that for iOS and Android. Go to the Box.com site for current information.

Other Box Apps

The Pomona College Box environment allows apps developed and supported by Box such as Box Edit, Box Sync, Box for iPad/iPhone, and Box for Android, to be downloaded freely. If you want to download a desktop app, you need to be logged into your Box account. Other such apps include Box for Office, Box for Outlook, and Box FTP Server. Pomona College can help you with most official Box apps.

Pomona College ITS does not currently provide support for “unofficial” Box apps but if you are interested in the features and functionalities of these apps for Box, please feel free to contact the ITS Service Desk for assistance in matching your needs with appropriate apps. Based on the dynamic nature of the growing collection of apps that are being designed for Box, at this point in time recommendations are of a necessity limited.