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Computer Replacement and Disposal

Mid-Replacement Cycle Hardware Upgrades

Minor upgrades to computer hardware that need to be made because of changes in the requirements of a faculty or staff members work will be handled by ITS. Typically, such upgrades include additional memory, increased disk space, etc. In all cases, the costs of the required upgrades will be weighed against the age of the computer and the cost of a complete replacement.

Disposal of Old Computers

In ITS’s computer replacement cycle scheme, ITS-owned computers that are more than four years old and are not candidates for re-use on campus, are disposed of. ITS employs an environmental company for the proper and safe disposal of these units.

Office computers that are replaced in the course of the regular replacement cycles are not sold to faculty, academic staff or administrative staff for use in off-campus locations. The terms of the College’s software licenses preclude selling computers with software to private individuals; the cost of removing software from individual computers and offering them for sale (or even to give them away) is prohibitive.