New Faculty Computers

  1. When a new faculty member is hired, a letter from ITS will be sent, via the Dean’s Office, to the new faculty member describing the College’s policies and procedures regarding the provision of a computer for the faculty member’s use. The letter will delineate the specifications for the base machine and indicate that faculty may request upgrades to the base computer, but must discuss funding sources with the Dean’s Office (Associate Dean) prior to placing the upgrade request. The letter will clearly state that information must be received by ITS no later than the first of July to ensure delivery and installation by the start of classes.
  2. All transactions will be tracked in the ITS Service Desk software from the time an order is received until it is fully installed. Requested upgrades will be noted as part of the respective Service Desk ticket. Faculty members will be assigned a ticket number so that s/he may track progress of transaction if so desired.
  3. New faculty will then be placed on the regular replacement cycle.

Visiting and Part-time Faculty Computer Policy

The Dean’s Office will compile a list of visiting and part-time faculty annually in order to coordinate the distribution of available recycled computers. Computers for part-time faculty and visiting faculty on 1-, 2- or 3-year contracts will be those that are available after replacement of the open/general use computer labs which ITS operates (see computer lab replacement schedule on the labs and public computers page). In most cases, this equipment will be no more than two years old. Priorities for the reuse of these recycled computers have been established (see the following section).