College Owned Computer Equipment

All college computer equipment is on a regular replacement cycle. The goals of the replacement plan are to: ensure that appropriate computing resources are available in public and departmental computing facilities, classrooms, and college offices to support the mission of the institution; ensure that each faculty and staff member who uses computing resources in his or her position has a computer of sufficient capability to fulfill his/her responsibilities; implement minimum standards for computing equipment on campus, and encourage planning, cost-effective installation of new equipment and disposal of old equipment.

Following are the College’s guidelines on computer provision and replacement:

  1. Faculty computers are refreshed on a regular cycle established by the College (currently 4 years). This refresh cycle pertains to computers assigned to all tenure-track and tenured faculty as well as faculty on 5-year rolling contracts. Faculty have a choice of a Windows or Macintosh computer, either a desktop or a laptop configuration.
  2. Based on the ITS inventory system, faculty are automatically assigned to a fiscal year when their computers are up for replacement. Faculty members may select the quarter of that year during which s/he would like to have her/his computer installed (January-March; April-June; July-September; October-December). The default is July-September.
  3. ITS will select the standards for the base Macintosh and Windows computer configuration for the year. Minor adjustments to the configuration may be made as the year progresses due to availability or changes initiated by the vendor.
  4. Faculty will be sent a notice when his/her computer is up for replacement. The notice will delineate the specifications for the base machine. The notice will indicate that faculty may request upgrades to the base computer, but must discuss alternative (to ITS) funding sources with the Dean’s Office (Associate Dean) prior to placing the upgrade request. ITS budget is calculated based on the base configuration as mentioned in item #3.
  5. All transactions will be tracked in the ITS Service Desk software from the time an order is received until it is fully installed. Requested upgrades will be noted as part of the respective Service Desk ticket. Faculty members will be assigned a ticket number so that s/he may track progress of the transaction if so desired.

Faculty Computers and Staff Computers

The college provides computers for all current, new, part-time and visiting faculty. New faculty upon hiring, receive communication on the college’s policies and procedures regarding computer provision and also upgrade requests. Part-time and visiting faculty will be provided for from prior inventory to the best of ITS’ capabilities and resources.

For more information visit our page on faculty computing.

The college also provides computers for members of the college staff. These computers are refreshed on a regular cycle established by the college. Visit our staff computers page for further information.

Repair of Computer Equipment

College-Owned Computer Equipment

All college-owned computer equipment is maintained on a warranty service contract with the vendor. If a hardware problem is suspected the user should call the ITS Service Desk (18061) during normal business hours for assistance.

Personally Owned Equipment

Huntley Bookstore contracts with Cornice Mac Repairs in Upland to provide repair services for personally owned computers as well as computers under warranty with Apple. Computers are repaired at a discounted commercial rate established by the vendor as part of its contract with Huntley. Equipment must be delivered to Huntley during regular business hours. Please call Huntley (71625) for more information. Payment for the repairs must be made by cash, check, credit card, or money order when the equipment is picked up. For PC hardware support the end-user is advised to contact the manufacturer for any repairs which require the disassembling of the unit.

Further information

For information on ITS’ loaner pool of equipment, policies regarding computer replacement and disposal, and for info on department and faculty labs and public computing use, visit the following information pages: