You must register your computer to connect to the Pomona campus network. This helps us protect you from spyware and viruses, and gives ITS some information about what kind of computers are in use.

To register your computer, simply plug it into an Ethernet wall jack on the Pomona campus and open your web browser. Your browser should automatically take you to the registration website.

Direct link (Note: this link will only work on the Pomona network):

The website will prompt you to download the registration program which will walk you through all the necessary steps. The registration process checks your computer to make sure it’s up to date and not infected, so it can take several minutes. (This security check will go faster if you keep your system software up to date and protect your computer from spyware.)

Please note that if you have a new computer, you’re going to need to re-register. and if you’re unsure about any of this, please contact the ITS Service Desk, and we’ll be happy to help.

Wireless Devices

If you would like to use wifi enabled device, see the wireless networking page.