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Wireless Networks at Pomona College


The Pomona wireless service provides full access to Pomona College resources (to which the user is entitled), including file shares and printing, as well as high speed Internet access and is the network recommended for all students, faculty and staff computers.

Connection to the network requires a periodic registration for faculty and staff and a semester-to-semester registration for students.  On computers, the registration process requires that you download and run an agent which verifies that your computer has all the latest operating system updates and up-to-date antivirus software.  Information regarding network registration can be found in our Knowledgebase.


The Eduroam wireless service allows Faculty, Staff and enrolled Students to use their Pomona login credentials not only on the Claremont campuses but at other academic institutions that are also offering the Eduroam wireless service on their campus.

Eduroam had its beginnings in Europe. So, the vast majority of European colleges and universities participate in this service, in addition to many in North America as well as other countries. To find out where the Eduroam service is available, please visit:

When visiting a campus with “Eduroam“, select the Eduroam wireless network and enter your Pomona Login ID and password.

Likewise, guests at Pomona College who are from another school participating in Eduroam can also use Eduroam wireless here using their login credentials from their home campus.

Eduroam is ideal for mobile phones and tablets, which frequently travel beyond Pomona's borders.  Also, Pomona students, faculty and staff can take advantage of Eduroam when visiting the other Claremont Colleges or in the Libraries (Eduroam should be used instead of the Claremont wireless network).

Pomona Guest

Pomona Guest is an easy-to-access wireless network designed specifically for guests and visitors.  Pomona College faculty, staff, and students should not use Pomona Guest.


This network was created for the Residence Halls as a catch-all for non-computing devices like gaming systems, smart devices (TVs, speakers, smartplugs, smart lights, etc.), smart speakers, and anything else that needs a simple connection to the internet.  To connect your device to Claremont-ETC, you will need a WPA key, which can be found in our Knowledgebase.