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Statistics Software


Good for data formatting for importation into stats packages. Exploratory stats okay. Not recommended for anything other than small data set. For Mac version, separate stats packages available for cost.

Data Entry: table entry; import csv, tab, xls, others

Availability: MS Office (PC only with enabled Analysis Toolpak), statistics packages can be purchased that work with Excel



Interface is very flexible allowing for other types of calculations and analyses. Many options for visual representations

Data Entry: command line or drag and drop csv/other files, import command, command line entry

Availability: Contact ITS for install procedures, student version only



Data import and entry not as easy as other packages. Offers many options for visual representations

Data Entry command line editor, and/or import csv, tab, xls (cut and paste to deal with mixed text and number data)

Availability: ITS install, instruction license only, includes Statistics Toolbox



Both a programming language and statistics software environment making it very flexible. Command line interface requires some learning. Open source

Data Entry: command line csv/file import, line/table entry

Availability: free download



Extensive user interface with pull down menus. Handles large data sets

Data Entry: import csv/other files, data entry

Availability: ITS Install



Command line and GUI. Opens only one data set at a time

Data Entry: data editor, import files

Availability: ITS install, academic server


Feature Comparison

Product Mac PC Descriptive Bivariate ANOVA Regression Cluster Factor Graphs Availability
Excel sold separately yes yes yes simple ANOVA simple linear regression no no basic MS Office
Mathematica yes yes yes yes yes yes (most methods) yes yes yes Contact ITS
Matlab yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ITS install
R yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes download
SPSS yes yes yes yes yes yes (most methods) yes yes yes ITS install
Stata yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes ITS install + server