Conchita Serri

Conchita Franco Serri is the Campus Ombuds at Pomona College. She has a worked in academic settings for over 25 years, most of which has been serving as the principal conflict resolution officer, mediator and diversity officer...

The Ombuds Office (OO) at Pomona College is an independent department that provides strictly confidential and informal conflict resolution and problem-solving services for all students, faculty and staff.  The Ombuds Office is also impartial and a safe place to voice and clarify concerns, understand conflict situations, and find effective ways to respond. The interests of all parties are considered, with the aim to achieving fair outcomes.  This is not an office of notice and visitors will be directed to the appropriate office if they choose to register a complaint. Services provided by the Ombuds Office include:

Our Location

Our Location

  • Conflict analysis and coaching (interpersonal, workplace, classroom)

  • Strategies to resolve and prevent disputes

  • Identification of options and information

  • Mediation and Group facilitation

  • Resource referrals

  • Examining the perception of unfair treatment

  • Improving communication

  • Understanding Pomona College policies and procedures

  • Exploring resolution to administrative roadblocks

  • Ethical, workplace and academic issues