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Are you passionate about connecting to nature? Do you want to engage with others while using the outdoors as your backdrop? Just need a little guidance or funding to help make your dream a reality? Apply for funding at the OEC!

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About the Outdoor Engagement Fund

The Outdoor Education Center (OEC) has created the Outdoor Engagement Fund in an effort to enable students, staff and community members to connect to nature.

Details and How it Works

Before you apply for funding, make sure you can meet the following requirements:

  1. Proposed program or project must include community outreach and serve community members otherwise not exposed to nature without the new program or project. Some examples include off-campus groups, student organizations, sponsor groups, campus partners and existing programs lacking outdoor education components. Funding is NOT awarded for individuals or groups with existing funding or means of implementation. It is recommended for individuals to actively participate in existing outdoor programs such as On the Loose (OTL), Pitzer Outdoor Adventures (POA), or outdoor education courses offered through P.E.
  2. Proposed program or project is a NEW project or a NEW addition to an existing program or project.
  3. Proposed program or project supports the OEC mission and goals.
  4. Proposed program or project must have a way to measure success.
  5. Project managers must create a post-project presentation outlining the data collected during the program or project. Examples of the post-project presentation include slideshows, Q & A sessions, or videos. Presentations are due within 3 months of completion.
  6. Funding requests must be made 3 months in advance for approval.
  7. Must possess the proper skills for safely (emotionally and physically) leading such program or project.


Awarded funds of $50-$500 are available per proposed program or project.


Applications are found on the Outdoor Education Center's CollegiateLink page under "forms" on the left panel.

Selection and Notification Process

Funding requests are reviewed by a panel of stakeholders including faculty, staff and students. All funding is awarded as reimbursements for project related expenses. Recipients must submit receipts for expenses. Receipts must be itemized. Reimbursements are given upon completion of the program or project including the post-project presentation.