Students sitting at their campsite in the morning

The Outdoor Leadership Certification Program provides hands-on opportunities for students in outdoor recreation and education, promotes the preservation and conservation of the natural environment, and develops student leadership skills. Using internal resources as well as leveraging local and national programs, the OEC provides leadership training and development for students in a variety of settings and contexts. Through the training program, student leaders become prepared for outdoor leadership positions as well as other leadership roles on campus. This training helps prepare students for leadership opportunities in professional work settings, community engagement, and volunteer work. An Outdoor Leadership Certification is offered for students who successfully complete the program.

The Outdoor Leadership Class (.5 credit) teaches technical and facilitation skills required in an Outdoor Leadership role while traveling in the backcountry with groups. These skills include evaluating the history, philosophy, and trends in outdoor adventure programming. Emphasis is given to environmental ethics and trends of access issues as it relates to historically underrepresented populations in outdoor recreation. Technical skills taught include use of outdoor equipment while using the outdoors as s laboratory for specific activities: rock climbing, caving, kayaking, snorkeling, backpacking, survival, and winter mountaineering.

For information on enrolling in the Outdoor Leadership Certification program or enrolling in the half-credit class through P.E., email