Project Process

Have an idea for a project, but not sure where to start? We can help! The first step in launching a new project is to reach out to the Project Management Office. We can discuss project details, assist with getting project approval, and provide resource coordination to help get your project off the ground quickly. Reach out to us today at or (909) 621-8996 to get help with your next project.

Summary of Services

The Project Management Office offers many services that help project teams stay on track. Some of these include the following:

  • Capturing action items through meeting minutes
  • Providing weekly status updates 
  • Gathering needs for new systems and producing a requirements document
  • Facilitating project meetings
  • Providing training for projects
  • Conducting the vendor evaluation process
  • Providing project documentation
  • Topic based lunch and learns  
  • Portfolio reviews that show details on all projects the PMO is working on
  • Project workshops to transfer knowledge on Project Management
  • Templates to use for managing your own projects

Project Phases

Each project is unique, but has five major phases:

01-Initiate: In the Initiation phase, the overall project parameters are defined; the project charter is developed and approved to start the project; the project budget is initialized and baselined.

02-Plan: The Planning phase includes: all the activities necessary for the PMO to acquire the resources needed to establish project infrastructure, stakeholder accountability, along with all the project plans.

03-Implementation: During this phase, the PMO manages the execution of all of the plans, processes, and procedures summarized and referenced in the Project Management Plan with particular attention to leading the solution delivery and College process teams in the design and production of quality deliverables. 

04-Maintain: This phase is reserved for projects that have transitioned out of the Implementation phase, but still have support related items or training that is being completed.

05-Complete: This phase includes all the activities necessary for the PMO to bring closure to the project effort, either upon system acceptance and transfer to its support College, or upon system retirement or replacement.

Project Templates

Glossary of Key Terms

Project Scope: The specific focus and work included in a project.

College Value: Explains the aim and overall significance of the project to Pomona College.

Primary College Sponsor: The individual who champions and serves as the functional lead for the project.

Sub College Sponsor(s): All of the individuals who are affected by the project and compose the project team.

Requirements Document: A formal document containing the requirements for the project which is approved for development by the stakeholders.

Project Charter: This document stipulates what will and will not be done on behalf of the Project. The document highlights certain assumptions and outlines certain risks that are all aspects of this project.