We assist both students and alumni applying to health professions programs with a review of your application materials, access to a mock interview, and collection and submission of your letters of recommendations. Students and alumni within two years of graduation may also request a committee letter.

If you are planning to apply in an upcoming cycle, please make sure to contact us at prehealth.advising@pomona.edu so we can include you in our communications and provide you with detailed instructions on how to participate in The Pomona Process. 

All presentations provided on campus are recorded and made available to those off campus or out of the area.

Date Info

Nov 2

Application Materials Due: applicant profile, personal statement draft, unofficial transcript.

*Applies to applicants requesting a committee letter only. *


Applicant Meeting: a one-on-one meeting to discuss the submitted application materials, address any gaps or areas for improvement, and answer any questions about the application process.


Request Letters of Recommendation

*Finalized Applicant Profile materials and most recent transcripts are due January 30, 2018. *


Health Sciences Committee Interview: a practice interview and opportunity for the Health Sciences Committee to gain additional insight into an applicant’s candidacy.

​*Applies to applicants requesting a committee letter only. *

Feb 28

Letters of Recommendation Due

​*Applies to applicants requesting a committee letter only. *


Deciding Where to Apply: this program will discuss strategies for selecting schools for a health professions program application.


The Centralized Application: this program will focus on preparing the primary application through a centralized application service. Topics include transcripts, study abroad course work, schools attended, AP credit, etc.


Interviewing for Health Professions Programs: this recorded presentation will discuss preparation resources and strategies, the range of interview formats (one-on-one, group, MMI), and things to keep in mind during and after interview day.