The Departments of Justice and Education released a statement rescinding previous guidance around protections for transgender students under Title IX, and stating that rights for transgender people should be decided at a state level.
This past week, President Donald Trump signed three deeply troubling executive orders related to immigration, border security, refugee admissions, and entry from certain Muslim majority countries.
Yesterday, in the wake of Tuesday’s election, members of the Pomona College community came together in large groups and small to share emotions and concerns and to offer each other support.
I am writing to you as promised in my earlier message today. Many members of our community have asked for spaces and opportunities to come together for support and reflection in light of the election results.
Les escribo esta nota tal como les prometí en mi mensaje anterior. Muchos miembros de nuestra comunidad nos han pedido espacios y oportunidades para reunirse y reflexionar sobre los resultados de la elección presidencial.
On a day like this, the personal and the political cannot be separated. I write to you with some thoughts on how we might move forward as a community, recognizing that each of us will bring our own perspective to the issues we face.
Les escribo con algunas reflexiones de cómo podemos avanzar como una comunidad, reconociendo que cada uno de nosotros traerá nuestra propia perspectiva a los problemas que enfrentamos.
Students walking to class in front of Carnegie Hall at Pomona College.
Over the past 72 hours we have all been witness to a chain of unspeakably violent scenes—shocking images of police shootings of two Black men, followed by last night’s shooting of police officers who were escorting a peaceful demonstration.