What is the secondary application?

In addition to completing the on-line Pomona application, you must complete the “secondary application,” or the application generated by your study abroad program's provider. (For example, students applying to the Middlebury program in Buenos Aires must complete the Middlebury study abroad application, in addition to the standard Pomona application.)

There are two exceptions to this procedure:

1. The Pomona College Cambridge Program does not require a secondary application, therefore the Pomona application alone will suffice.

2. Some programs require a secondary application, but the program sponsor requires the OSA to mail in the application on the students' behalf. These programs are:


Applicants for all other programs must submit the secondary application to the program provider directly by Pomona's application deadline.
REMEMBER: All students must submit a Pomona study abroad application.

Pomona Programs 

Programs administered by Pomona College have supplemental application materials. These documents include instructions for completing the secondary application (if applicable) as well as additional items for the Pomona application. These programs are:

Cape Town: Globalization, the Environment and Society
Caracol Archaeological Project

Completing the Secondary Application

1. Complete the application form, which can be found on your program provider's website, or in the Pomona Program application materials.

Many program providers prefer that students complete the application online. If you complete an online application, be sure to keep copies of any supporting documents that may need to be mailed in separately. 

2. Even if you apply online, there are some items you will need to send via regular mail (if you complete a paper copy of the application, include these items together when you send to your program provider):

a) Official Transcript: Students may request an official transcript from the Pomona Registrar at no cost.  Students are responsible for sending the transcript directly to the program provider.  Electronic transcripts may be ordered through the student portal at the student's expense.
b) Study Abroad Advisor Approval Form/Home Institution Nomination Form: This must be completed by the Study Abroad Office. If your program has an online form, please send it to the Director or Assistant Director of Study Abroad.
c) Letters of Recommendation: You may request these through the portal in your online application.  The professors writing your letters of recommendation will be able to submit directly to your Pomona application.  Recommendations should be requested from professors who have taught the applicant in an academic class.  A separate letter should be requested for your program provider.  Please follow the provider's instructions for letters of recommendation.
d) Foreign Language Evaluation: Programs for which coursework will be conducted in another language will often require a foreign language evaluation. This may be completed by the same language professor who completes the language evaluation for your Pomona application, but he/she must complete both evaluations (Pomona & secondary applications); one form cannot substitute another.
e) Photos: In addition to the photo the Pomona application requires, many secondary applications require photos. These may be taken in the Office of Housing and Residence Life. Certain programs impose size or content requirements on photos, so please follow instructions carefully. The TCCS Connection can take official passport photos.
f) Additional Forms and/or Copies: Please read application instructions carefully and submit all necessary forms and photocopies of documents as the program provider requests.

3. Most programs have waived the application fee for Pomona students. If your program requires an application fee, you may submit a reimbursement request to the Assistant Director of Study Abroad.

4. It is your responsibility to mail in your secondary application by Pomona's application deadline. Many programs fill up before their deadline and the Pomona deadline is set with this in mind.

5. Remember that you may only apply to one study abroad program. Students applying to competitive programs may select a back up program.

6. Remember that your participation in the program is contingent upon approval from both the program provider and the Study Abroad Committee (SAC) at Pomona College.