The Pomona College Sustainability Integration Office

The Sustainability Integration Office is located in the lower level of Harwood Court.

The Sustainability Integration Office develops, coordinates and assesses sustainability efforts throughout Pomona College. If you have questions, concerns or ideas for sustainability at Pomona, this is the place to go!

We advise on building and development programs, conduct off-campus outreach about college sustainability projects and collaborate with the Board of Trustees and College executive staff on long-term sustainability planning. We also sponsor programs like Green Bikes, the ReCoop used dorm items sale, the Green Office Program, and the sustainable equipment checkout program, among many others.

Where to Find Us

We are located in the lower level of Harwood Court, with the entrance facing the east walkway between Harwood Court and Mudd Residence Hall. 


Assistant Director Sustainability, Alexis Reyes
Sustainability Assistants, Abby Lewis ’19, Mattie Toll ‘17

Every semester and summer, the Sustainability Integration Office hires students to work on outreach for events and programs, the development of projects, and general assistance with sustainability efforts.

Summer 2016 SIO Staff (Annual Report)

  • Maggie Lund, SCR’17
  • Leta Ames, SCR’19

2016-17 SIO Staff

  • Sustainability Data Analyst:  Abby Lewis '19
  • Greenware Coordinator:  Mattie Toll '17

2016-17 EcoReps

  • Head EcoRep: Erin Barry '17
  • Blaisdell: Sophie Janssen ‘19
  • Harwood & Lyon: Wentao Guo ‘19
  • Mudd & Gibson: Cris Woroch ‘19
  • Oldenborg: Nicole Larson ‘19
  • Wig: Sara Sherburne ‘19
  • North Campus: Chloe An ‘18
  • North Campus: Anna Chung ‘18
  • North Campus: Ellie Harris ‘18
  • North Campus: Ethen Lund ‘19

2016-17 Compost Staff

  • Robert Beckles '17
  • Josh Ortiz '17

2016-17 Green Bikes Staff

  • Manager: Tim Kebr
  • Manager: Ari Weil
  • Jessica McKenzie
  • Lee Moonan
  • Remy Rossi

Spring 2016 ReCoop Staff

  • Manager: Chinasa Okolo
  • Manager: Ernesto Gutierrez
  • Alejandra Chavez
  • Prisca Diala
  • Emily Freilich
  • Ekram Jiru
  • Nicole Larson
  • Ki'Amber Thompson
  • Timothy Woods

Fall 2015 ReCoop Staff

  • Manager: Chinasa Okolo
  • Manager: Ernesto Gutierrez 
  • Aldair Arriola
  • Ashley Land
  • Byron R. Nunez
  • Charlotte Startin
  • Daniel Rivera
  • Ekram Jiru
  • Elijah Dixon
  • Ida Kassa
  • Israel Teru
  • Jamila Espinosa
  • Janet Herrera
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Jerry Martinez
  • Jesus Tapia
  • Jose Luis Gomez
  • Katharine Page
  • Ki'Amber Thompson
  • Kit Lee
  • Leya Solomon
  • Luis Espino
  • Maria Vides
  • Matthew Lee
  • Prisca Diala
  • Sergio Rodriguez
  • Shani Paul
  • Timothy Woods
  • Tony Ramos