If you have students looking to write a thesis or a term paper about campus sustainability issues or are interested in assigning such topics for class projects, the Sustainability Integration Office can help you pick a topic and connect you with the information you need. Your academic work might be what the College needs to move forward with a specific problem or technology!

Past academic projects that have helped the College move forward have included:

  • Capacity for photo-voltaic arrays on the roofs of College buildings (including a cost-benefit analysis)
  • Opportunities for heating Haldeman pool using solar hot water heating
  • Thermal imaging of buildings to determine inefficiencies in insulation
  • Designing a "Sustainability Pledge" program for all incoming students
  • Assessing opportunities for cost- and energy-savings through the use of more efficient lighting solutions

Email sustainability@pomona.edu for more information about possible topics for projects and papers and for questions about available data.