Courses were self-reported by faculty or department heads, or identified from the course catalog. This list includes course offerings from 2015-16, and may not be up-to-date with current course offerings; nor does it include non-Pomona courses included in the Environmental Analysis curriculum. Please see the Environmental Analysis Program website for more information about the EA curriculum.

Sustainability-Related Courses


  • ANTH051, Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology
  • ANTH157, Anthropology of Chinese Society
  • ANTH159, Anthropology of Food

Art History

  • ARHI051C, Introductory Art History: Renaissance to Modern
  • ARHI179, Modern Architecture, City, Landscape and Sustainability
  • ARHI184, Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism


  • ASTR001, Introductory Astronomy w/Lab


  • BIOL001C, Biology of Garden Plants
  • BIOL041E, Introductory Ecology & Evolutionary Biology w/Lab
  • BIOL103, Invasion Biology


  • CHEM106, Environmental Chemistry
  • CHEM110B, Organic Chemistry w/Laboratory
  • CHEM189A, Atmosphere and Ocean Chemistry


  • CHNT166, Chinese Fiction, Old and New

Environmental Analysis

  • EA 010, Intro to Environmental Analysis
  • EA 020, Nature, Culture and Society
  • EA 030, Science and the Environment
  • EA 085, Food, Land & the Environment
  • EA 170, US Environmental History
  • EA 173, Ecology of Inland Waters w/Lab
  • EA 190, Environmental Seminar CP
  • EA 199DR, Readings in Sustainable Agriculture


  • ECON051, Principles: Macroeconomics
  • ECON052, Principles: Microeconomics
  • ECON123, International Economics
  • ECON125, Natural Resource Economics & Policy
  • ECON127, Environmental Economics
  • ECON128, Energy Economics, & Policy
  • ECON155, Law and Economics


  • FREN152, Masters, Servants, & Slaves
  • FREN173, Reading Bodies
  • FREN189A, Metro Tales


  • GEOL020A, Introduction to Geology: Geohazards
  • GEOL020B, Introduction to Geology: Planetary Geology
  • GEOL020E, Oceanography
  • GEOL111A, Introduction to GIS
  • GEOL115, Hydrogeology
  • GEOL120, Introduction to Geochemistry
  • GEOL125, Earth History with Laboratory
  • GEOL127, Mineralogy w/Laboratory
  • GEOL183, Sedimentology w/Laboratory


  • GERM189, Public German Discourse


  • ID 001, Pomona Goes Green
  • ID 001, The Economics & Politics of Food
  • ID 001, Punk: Poetics, Politics & Provocation

Media Studies

  • MS 050, Introduction to Film

Physical Education

  • PE 010, Hiking/Geocaching


  • PHIL038, Bioethics


  • PHYS017, Physics in Society: Energy Policy
  • PHYS041, General Physics with Laboratory
  • PHYS070, Spacetime, Quanta, Entropy w/Lab
  • PHYS165, Introduction to Physical Hydrodynamics


  • POLI002, American Political Thought
  • POLI005, Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • POLI008, Introduction to International Relations
  • POLI039, Politics of Environmental Justice
  • POLI060, Global Politics of Food/Agriculture
  • POLI097, Writing About Justice in Politics
  • POLI149, Science, Technology & Public Policy
  • POLI160, Comparative Politics of Europe
  • POLI165, Latin American Politics
  • POLI176, Conflict and Cooperation in International Relations
  • POLI189L, International Political Economy & Globalization
  • POLI190B, Senior Seminar: Comparative International Politics


  • PSYC180D, Affective Neuroscience Seminar

Religious Studies

  • RLST155, Religion, Ethics & Social Practice
  • RLST166A, Divine Body: Religion and Environment


  • SOC 051, Introduction to Sociology