SAVE: Sustainable Action | Visible Effects


SAVE is Pomona College's guide for creating and managing a sustainable campus community. The plan outlines measurable strategies that lead the College to achieve ambitious sustainability goals and reach carbon neutrality by 2030. SAVE aligns the work and direction of The Board of Trustees, the President, the President's Advisory Committee on Sustainability, and the Pomona community. Progress on SAVE goals and initiatives is published each October in the
Sustainability Annual Report.

Vision for Key Categories


Create an environment supported by clean energy, data analytics, and efficiently operating buildings without sacrificing comfort, reliability, or resilience.


Reduce our water footprint while supporting a vibrant, diverse, abundant campus ecosystem and creating a culture of water awareness and action.


Reduce, reuse, and divert our waste to create a responsible, healthy, Zero Waste campus.


Support a clean environment and healthy community through accessible, low-emission transportation.


Increase sustainable food purchases to support a healthy community and minimize environmental impact.

Buildings and Outdoor Venues

Construct, operate, and maintain efficient buildings and outdoor venues to create healthy spaces and minimize environmental impact.

Academic Education

Incorporate sustainability principles into campus curriculum and activities to inspire the next generation of environmental leaders and innovation.