• Turn off the lights! Easy to do, and to forget.
  • Use daylight whenever possible. No need for lights during the daytime if there's a window nearby!
  • Use more efficient light bulbs. Fluorescent, compact fluorescent (CFLs), LED, and other efficient bulbs use much, much less energy than incandescents. CFLs are the best choice in most instances, and are available from the Sustainability Integration Office.

Keep your heating and cooling as low as you can, and let Maintenance know if there's a problem.

Did you know: CFLs use 75% less energy than incandescents and put less mercury into the environment! Get as many as you need for desk lamps and other task lighting from the Sustainability Integration Office.

Electronics and Appliances

  • Eliminate phantom loads. Almost everything electronic, especially chargers, uses power as long as it's plugged in, even when turned OFF! Unplug items when not in use, or plug them into a power strip and turn the strip off. Researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory estimate that standby power, also known as the "phantom load," is responsible for 5-10% of U.S. residential energy use (source). If it were eliminated, 17 coal-fired power plants could be shut down (source)!
  • Reduce appliances. Take a look around your office - any underused appliances? See what you can get rid of that's always plugged in.
  • Purchase EnergyStar appliances. EnergyStar certification is awarded by the EPA to products that use less energy, save money, and are better for the environment. When shopping, look sofa appliances that bear the EnergyStar label. You can also view a list of EnergyStar products here.
  • Use rechargeable batteries. Save money and reduce resource consumption and hazardous waste. For more information, see this site [pdf] .

Climate Control

  • Adjust your clothes, not the thermostat. Socks, hats, and sweaters make very energy-efficient heaters!
  • Use natural airflow to control the climate of your office. Use a fan instead of the AC when you can. Close your blinds when it's hot outside. don't leave the window open when the heat or air conditioning is on. Turn of the AC when you leave your room.
  • Call Maintenance (909-607-2236) if the heat or AC is too high or too low.