This Sustainability Action Plan marks the first time the College has outlined a broad framework and strategy for moving forward with sustainability efforts. The plan includes seven broad goals for sustainability, following those with topic-specific sections with quantitative and qualitative 10-year goals:

Each of those sections describes major issues to consider, objectives for 2020, and a list of recommended potential actions for reaching those objectives. Some sections also include new policies, statements, or other items to adopt in support of those objectives.

Key Issues: Environmental Justice and Climate Change
The plan also includes discussion of two key issues - environmental justice, and climate change - in support of sustainability. In discussing climate change, this plan constitutes an update to Pomona's response to the American College and University President's Climate Commitment, which President Oxtoby signed in April 2007.

Reporting and Progress
The Sustainability Annual Report, issued every September, provides an update on progress toward the Sustainability Action Plan goals. Please see the Reporting page for more information and a copy of the most recent annual report. The Objectives for 2020 page has the most recent versions of the 2020 goals.