Many offices use reusable mugs in place of disposable cups.


Reducing Water Use

  • Turn off the faucet while soaping up your hands or scrubbing dishes. The classic water-saving tip.
  • Use the dual flush. If the toilet is dual flush, use it appropriately! Pull the lever up for liquid wastes and push down for solid wastes. 

Reducing Energy

  • Reduce the water temperature. It takes a lot of energy to heat up water!
  • Turn off the lights when you leave! Many forget this in bathrooms on campus. 
  • Turn down the fridge and defrost often! The higher your fridge setting, the more energy it uses. Defrosting the fridge every couple of months (at least) will also keep your energy use down.

Reducing Waste

  • Use reusable whenever possible. Whether a hand towel for the bathroom and kitchen (keep one in your office if you don't want to share!), reusable plates and mugs and silverware for the kitchen, or refilling a reusable handsoap dispenser, there are a lot of ways to reduce waste.
  • Buy in bulk. Coffee, sugar, and other condiments can all be purchased in bulk to cut down on individual packaging.
  • Remember to recycle! Toilet paper cores, paper towels, and empty plastic bottles from shampoo and other bathroom products should be recycled. 

Food and Refreshments

  • Buy local, organic, and fair-trade. Coffee, sugar, and many other common kitchen items can be purchased from local businesses and with organic and/or fair trade certifications.