Don't Drive

  • Walk, bike or skateboard!
  • Pay a visit to the Green Bikes shop in the basement of Norton-Clark III (entrance on 6th Street across from the football field). This student-run maintenance and repair shop services bicycles for all members of the five-college community. Labor is free, parts are at-cost. See their site for current hours.
  • Get a Green Bike. The shop rents about 250 bikes each year, free of charge, to campus members. Email to find out when bikes will be distributed next.
  • Check out a folding bike from the Green Bikes Shop or from the Outdoor Education Center in Pomona Hall during normal business hours. Rentals are free and for 24 hours.
  • Take public transit. See the Public Transit Guide on the Smith Campus Center website or download a more extensive guide to 47 fun destinations. The Los Angeles Metropolitan Authority also maintains an online trip planner.

Reduce Driving Impacts

  • Leave your car at home and use Zipcar instead. Yearly registration for Pomona students costs $15 and for staff and faculty costs $35 per year. Hourly rates range from $7.50 and $9.50, and include gas, insurance, and 180 miles. You can also rent a car for a full day for as low as $69. Zipcars live in the parking lots next to Lincoln-Edmunds, between Carnegie and Pearsons, and in front of Sumner Hall. Check out the Pomona College Zipcar webpage for up-to-date information.  Before registering online, pick up a Zipcar card at the ASPC Office so you don't have to wait for one to be mailed to you. 
  • Save gas by driving smartly and maintaining your car:
    • Don't idle. If you're stopping for more than ten seconds - except in traffic, of course - turn off your engine. Idling for more than ten seconds uses more gas than simply restarting your engine.
    • Don't speed. As a rule of thumb, you can assume that each 5 mph over 60 mph is like paying an additional $0.20 per gallon for gas.
    • Travel light and pack smart. Hauling an extra 100 pounds in your vehicle reduces fuel economy by up to 2 percent.
    • Keep your engine tuned properly. Checking spark plugs, oxygen sensors, air filters, hoses, and belts are a few examples of maintenance that can save you up to 165 gallons of gas per year, resulting in potential savings of over $400.
    • Check the tires. Have your wheels aligned and keep your tires properly inflated. Low tire pressure wastes over two million gallons of gasoline in the United States every day.
    • Know when to use the air. Air conditioning can decrease your fuel efficiency by as much as 12 percent in stop-and-go traffic, so consider cracking the windows. But at high speeds, driving with the windows open can decrease the overall efficiency of the vehicle.
  • If you have a plug-in hybrid or electric car you want to bring, use a charging station. Twelve parking spots equipped with these are available in the South Campus Parking Structure. Charging is available through the ChargePoint network at a discounted price for campus members. Email for more information.